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July Daylong: Working with Distraction—In Our Meditation and In Our Life

 “The biggest distractor is not your iPhone – it’s your own mind.  You can’t stop your mind from thinking, but what you can do is not be caught by your thoughts. That’s an art form and that’s what mindfulness training is about.”

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Distraction is a disabling force in the human mind. Only mindful awareness has the power to interrupt and bring us back to the inherent clarity of mind in the here and now. With mindfulness we can also uncover the hidden motivations which underlie all distraction, thus illuminating our understanding.

In this daylong, we will look at distraction as it manifests in three different ways – in our moment-to-moment practice of meditation, as it operates in our daily life, and as it interferes with our deeper wholesome intentions for our life. Every moment we bring focus and clear seeing into our lives we are building “the muscle” of non-distracted presence and increasing our well-being.

Led by Insight Meditation of Tucson founder and guiding teacher Anna Douglas, Ph.D., the day will consist of sitting and walking meditation, Dharma teachings, and Q&A.

LOCATION The home of Peter Axelrod, 5500 Lazy C Drive, Tucson AZ, 85745

COST Donation to the teacher offered at the end of the daylong

CONTACT or call 520-477-1897

Registration Required