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Insight Meditation Fundamentals - a six week class

  • 931 N 5th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85705 (map)

There’s a good chance you’ve noticed the groundswell of interest in meditation. The number of physicians, therapists, corporations, and schools recommending and offering meditation continues to rise.


Neuroscientific research has verified that regular meditation can decrease feelings of stress, reactivity, and anxiety, while improving focus, emotional regulation, and overall happiness. There can be very real impact on attention, productivity, and the quality of relationships.

This introductory six-week course is both experiential and informational. You will learn the techniques and benefits of Insight Meditation. The clear, simple instructions in mindfulness of breathing, body sensations, feelings, thoughts, and loving-kindness are designed to support you in establishing a regular meditation practice, or strengthening an existing one.

Insight Meditation Fundamentals is suitable for new and experienced meditators seeking a solid foundation for practice.

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