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Spring Practice Period

“The Ten Perfections, or Paramis, are the Buddhist teachings that are probably the most useful for bringing the path of awakening into everyday life.”

~ Thanissaro

Practice Period Dharma Theme: The Ten Paramis

The path of Insight Meditation offers many practices or trainings that, when regularly practiced, ultimately lead to complete freedom from suffering. Each has its merits for supporting a clear, receptive and balanced mind, and a loving, compassionate heart. It is also true that some practices—like investigation, concentration, and serenity—are most naturally developed within the conditions of retreat; while others, like the Paramis, blossom within our busy, daily lives, just as they are, right here, right now..

  • Generosity

  • Virtue

  • Renunciation

  • Wisdom

  • Energy

  • Patience

  • Truthfulness

  • Determination

  • Loving-Kindness

  • Equanimity

IMT teachers Terry Magee and David Bornstein invite you to participate in a non-residential practice period for nine days in April.

It will be a period of intentional Sangha-wide commitment to integrating Insight practice into our daily lives and routines to which the Paramis are perfectly suited. You choose from a menu of practices to commit to during this time. We encourage you to find a balance between challenging yourself and treating yourself with kindness, an attitude Joseph Goldstein calls “gentle rigor.”

You will have the support of Terry and David every day via Zoom, plus your choice of dharma talks on the theme of the Awakening Factors, plus an opportunity to meet in a practice discussion group.

More details to come.

Registration open soon.